So anyway, like I was saying, Spaceman Guy blowed up some goblins real good with his electric prod, as goblins tend to explode
when they come into contact with large amounts of electricity at one time. Why, you may ask? I couldn't tell you if I wanted to, because I just
don't know. It's not like I'm a goddamn scientist or something. Spaceman Guy enjoyed blowin' up goblins, because they were easy to kill and
were just a general nuisance to other space-dwellers. He floated around the asteroid a couple more times, just to make sure they were ALL
dead. One time he didn't check, and one of them ate his leg. Stupid Goblins!

And that's how we make fried chicken. I'm not completely incoherent today. I mean, I just gave you that story about the Spaceman Guy!
What? You want some more? Okay, how about this!

Spaceman Guy ate some fried chicken, then he killed some more goblins.

Hey! That was a great sentence! I can surely write well! Ha ha ha ha ha! Notice I put spaces between the 'ha's! Spaces, damn you! That means
it's not just one long string of insane chattering laughter! BOOM! ZAP! ZOW!!


Oat bran was floating through the endless icy abyss of space one day, and then some guy threw a big-gulp full of slice out of his space-car window
onto them. The Oats reacted with the slice and intense radiation from a nearby star, forming what is now known as a big pile of crap.

.. Wait, if there's intense radiation from a nearby star, how can it be an icy abyss!? Wouldn't it be some sort of burning-hot vacuos death trap!?

Who knows? I'll bet I know who! NASA! They can shoot my rocket any day!

I may blame it on the music, but deep down inside I'm really just a lazy smelly loon who can't spell or draw. BWAAAAAAAH-HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

See, there's no spaces between those 'HA's, but it's not so much as a chattering laugh as it is a booming evil echo of madness!


Whoo, that was lame.