The Farmel Voice

Air Fortress Core Explosion! Millions Dead in Horrible Terrorist Attack!

Air Fortress #1, shown here.
Today was a horrifying day for Farmel, millions of innocent people and robots were killed today in a terrorist attack on Air Fortress #1. Distress signals from Air Fortress 1 describe a fat man in a tan-colored spacesuit assulted the outer edges of the fort early this morning, he was riding what appeared to be a red-orange lightship, and was seen firing blue and red flashing bomb things from it.

The air fortresses had recently been acquired by the Farmel government due to the annexing of Quadrant 6, which builds air fortresses and fluffy play dolls. The attack was made by a seperatist cult known as the Space Federation, which has been growing since the late 20XXs. The actual attacker's name was Hal Bailman(ID82592), a specially-trained killing machine who's only purpose in life was to cause massive destruction and chaos.
Radio contact with Air Fortress 1 seems to indicate that the victims had literally no chance to survive his onslaught of shooting and bombing. Not only that, but he was able to navigate the strange metal cliffs and shafts of the Air Fortress because he was able to obtain a Class 7 Jetpack, had the Space-Congress passed laws disabling the sale and production of these Jetpacks, he might not have been able to make it to the central core of the fortress.
Military Officials say that although one Air Fortress has been destroyed, the remaining Air Fortresses will stay in orbit around Farmel, and that security will be increased on Air Fortresses 2 and up. Video analysis of the attack shows that Hal may have reached Energy levels upwards of 800 just by incinerating the very robots and drones that protected the entrance of the fort. He was also able to salvage the bombs he used to destroy the core from the same drones.
Air Fortress 2 will begin setting up big boxes that shoot out red heat-seaking circle things. "They really hurt." says Security Officer George McDonnel. "Also, we'll be putting up large metal things that go up and down, that might crush him, or at the very least confuse him until we can send backup." George himself will be using a power suit much like the one Hal employs. "We don't have the technology to hold Energy levels as high as he can, but we can move faster and shoot big yellow circles. And mine is red, bringing the effect of terror to the field of battle."

Hal Bailman, Space Federation ID82592. Destructor of Life and Harmony.
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