I've had this idea for a long time.
See, like most people, I wanna start my own damn country, but there's really no more good room left anywhere.
So what can we do with the 75% of the Earth that's covered in water? Well, we could make some big floating islands!

Assuming money is no object, this is what I'd like to do.

Well, would ya lookit that.

See, instead of the tower going up, it goes DOWN, into the water. And of course it has a bunch of fields with food growin' on 'em up top where the sun is. I see it in a nice light blue color. On this manmade tower of the damned, it would be completely inter-connected with computer networks and such, allowing for deathmatching day and night. Also assuming we've gotten a nice perpetual motion engine(something that like this, probably won't ever exist) powering the whole thing, energy isn't really a problem. To feed the plants and keep the humans onboard hydrated, we've got a nice little desalinization plant down in the bottom. Anything we can't make ourselves(which is a lot, really) we'd have to just trade with the landdwellers for. There'd basically be no real economic model going on there, sort of just like a take what you need, give what you don't thing goin' there. I haven't really thought it through, but still it'd be nice if it could work.

1st. Deck - This is just the internal watering system for the plants.

2nd Deck - Storage and Stuff.

3rd Deck through 7th deck - Living quarters and kitchens and basically anything you can use open space for.
8th Deck - Desalinazation plant

9th Deck - Servers and observation

10th Deck - Super Secret Dungeon where we breed magic flying monkeys and killer tuna fish. We also work on making ways to make super-soakers more powerful.

Anything below that - Important-looking but really worthless techno crap. Maybe we could use them to send out radio signals to dolphins and mer-people.

I'll bet you can't draw that straight either!