Okay, sure, the T-1000 robot was programmed to kill, and had no sense of human life whatsoever... but what if it had been used for more practical uses?

Bran Flakes on the top of the shelf.

Now let's get to it: The T-1000 can't turn into any complex machine with moving parts, like a blender or a car, but he CAN re-adjust the mass that he is given so that he can reach farther. Can't get the bran flakes down? Ask a friendly Terminator! The T-1000 could also be used in social situations that you just can't handle, like firing someone who might be dangerous, if he get's shot, he's just gonna re-form. They'd be incredibly useful in high-risk situations, like disarming bombs and fighting off killer ameoba-men from outer space... I mean, moving toxic chemicals! Not only that, but he's the perfect wrench! Screws stripped out? Can't open your controller to clean it? The T-1000 can form around any nut or screw and get a great grip!

The T-1000 is also the greatest lawn-care tool ever created! He can cut grass, trim hedges, rake leaves, prune trees, chop up squirrels and stray dogs, and still be sharp enough to slice a tomato! Kids will never be bored with T-1000 around! He can be used to re-enact scenes from the X-Files, and since he can change into anybody, he's not just restricted to the last two seasons which featured Agent John Dogget!

I know The Simpsons used this gag in Stretch Dude and Clobber Girl, but that's not gonna stop me!

Keep cool and kill people at the beach!
The T-1000 can also get anything you drop behind a fridge or the couch, because he an turn into liquid-form at any time! If you're ever lacking in seating, the T-1000 can just turn into a chair, and when you're done sitting on him, he can make you sandwhiches! Makes a great beef stew! I'm runnin' out of steam with this bit. I'm gonna do something else.

Meh. Good effort, but you didn't really go anywhere with this thing.