Okay, so we have all these RPG and FPS massively multiplayer games like Everquest and Planetside, but where the hell are the
sidescrolling games? All the games like Metroid, Megaman, Whompum, Air Fortress, and even your basic damn Mario game are fucking
GONE. Well, they shouldn't be. I can't really help the situation, but at least I can throw some ideas out there. Maybe somebody will listen.

Okay, so maybe I modelled my game after Megaman X a little bit too much, but it was a good game!

See, in the game here there'd be three(3) different types of players:

1. The Ultra-powerful hero-type guy.
These are the guys who go around shooting people with yellow energy pellets and taking their powers. You'd choose this kind of player if you have
an affinity for saving the day, or quite possibly ruining the day, as I have noticed that there are a lot of people in online games who prefer just to be assholes.
The asshole people would be like the asshole guys that all the good guys fight, y'know? Ultra-powerful hero people have a limited number of lives that they can use until their character is destroyed and they have to start over, but if you manage to survive, you can get all sorts of neat upgrades and stuff.

2. The Drones
You remember all those little enemies that Megaman and Samus just sort of mowed down on their way somewhere? Like bubble bats and crap?
Yeah, these are THOSE guys. The advantage to playing as a drone is that you have unlimited lives, and always respawn relatively nearby where you died.
The bad side is that you have little HP, and can't upgrade Megaman X style.

3. The Civilians/Holograms
These are just normal, everyday people who want to get on with their lives during an apocolyptic battle for power. Remember the intro level from Megaman X? All those
people in the cars had to be going SOMEWHERE. Holograms are just like people, only they can't die and can go through walls and look any way they want to. They just can't
have any real physical affect on the world. Civilians can die, but they just respawn at home.

Whoo, so we got that down, okay? Now what about the actual damn world we're gonna be blowin' stuff up in? Yeah, I have an idea for that. It'd be
standard sidescroller fare, with all the different zones for water, fire, ice and crap like that. Only there'd be ample housing and stuff in the zones,
along with factories where players spawn and stuff. This is where playing as a civilian or a hologram actually might be worthwhile, because
they're the ones who decide what powerups get made, and where they go, and they'd even be in charge of re-working the terrain. It might also
be cool to work in some sort of scripting language so people can make their own powerups and effects. Research and development, you know!

Yeah, conversation would go on in Megaman-X style big black boxes with pictures and letters.

Also, you'd be able to choose different sizes as drones, but only after you've gained a certain amount of points... so I guess that is sort of like upgrading.
It also might be a good idea to restrict certain-size drones to certain areas, and have days where they can go rampaging through cities and towns, and civilians can try and
stop them with weapons and stuff. Yeah. That'd be great. Dr. Light with a shotgun, blowing the head off some goddamn insectoid robot thing.

And another thing, the entire game world is continuous, with gaps of regular plains and fields between the different zones. Maybe some mountains, yeah? And caves. Be a good place
to hide early power-ups, like the dash leg things, or maybe a flying contraption.

Drones! Drones, drones, drones! Whee!
God damn I'm bored.

So maybe I haven't really thought all this out so far, but it'd still be pretty cool, eh? Well, maybe not.

If you can read, then you know what this says.