I know a lot of people don't like the police, and I'm not so sure why... I mean, they're there for the protection of civilians, maybe it's just that most of our civilians are now criminals. Or maybe it's just because of a few bad cops that ruin everything. I dunno.
But what I DO know is that this is the way I think the police should have always been.

Point 1: The cool Met helmet(derived from the Megaman Series), it can deflect little yellow energy pellets easily, as they are almost undoubtedly the weapon of the future, I suggest we get right on that.

Point 2: Snazzy Jacket. Nobody's gonna mess with a guy who has a cool jacket.

Point 3: Lightsabers. Duh, what else should they use? These lightsabers would have a nonlethal setting on them that just makes people go numb for a few hours, thanks to Stabbacat for that idea.

Point 4: A little beltpack with band-aids in it. You never know when you might get cut!

Point 5: Comfortable sneakers. How are the cops gonna chase dumbasses without comfortable sneakers to run in? I have no idea.