A long time ago in crappy saturday morning cartoons, they used to have episodes where occasionally somebody would be sucked into the internet or
a computer or something. That was really lame. Yeah. So I start playing Megaman Battle Network, and I'm think to myself, "THIS IS SO COOL."
The difference between the two is that you're not actually being sucked into the internet, it's just using a different kind of internet browser...
It's still basically the same idea as what we use now, but the interface has changed. See, everyone carries around a little PDA thing(called a PET),
and each one has it's own goddamn personality, because the operating system is just a big AI program. I'll bet they're also expensive as hell.

Anyway, you can log on(or as they call it, Jacking In) to almost any electronic device you can find and walk around in what I assume is what is just
generated by the circuit-board makeup of whatever you're using.
Programs inside the device have their own personalities, which I assume are devised based on the filesize of each program and how many times
you can find the letter Q in there.

The internet is the same thing, only it's all the information that's connected that makes up the 'roads' and stuff.

Sure would be nice to have that kind of technology, but where we are right now it's just fokkin' impossible...

Anyway, here's some stupid pictures I drew.
This is just a cool robot personality who might inhabit this damn idea.
You wouldn't have to just be a robot, though, lookit the guy in a tophat, yay!
This is what I guess the kind of guys who cheat on Diablo and halfassedly hack into stuff would look like. Jackasses.
And here for no reason is a guy with really short legs! Hahahaha!

Yeargh. Grow up, man.