Sprint PCS Guy

You know all those (sometimes) great characters that they put into advertising campaigns, like the Sprint PCS guy, and Jack? Why couldn't they ever have their own shows? Jack especially. Just think about it, maybe they could all be melded into one big comedy show with a whole bunch of characters in it. They could have that Pets.com hand puppet thing running around arguing with the Taco Bell dog, and then they'd be jumped by the Noid and his gang of ex-Domino's Pizza employees. The Sprint PCS guy's arch nemesis would be that Verizon wireless punk who's always walkin' around going, "Can you hear me now?" I hate that guy. Looks like he's trying to be too hip for his own good. Jerk.

Concerning celebrities that endorse more than one product, they'd have to choose a certain product and use that while on the show, unless the script called for them to use a certain past-endorsed product. Like Jason Alexander would always carry a bucket of KFC, and he'd get into fights with Ronald McDonald.

Elaborating more upon the characters, the Taco Bell 'Marvelous' guy from that commercial where they advertise their damn bowl thing would own the damn Taco Bell dog, and they'd always be getting into trouble with people who 'think inside the bun'. All the old characters would be retired in this one town, like the land of unwanted toys, and the sister-city would be made up of current characters. As soon as the campaign ends, then they would move on. The cast of characters would eventually have to stretch into the THOUSANDS.

Stupid Jerkhole Verizon Wireless Guy

Marvelous Guy
Whoo. I think I've already made my point, I just wanted to post this picture here. Har har har! Marvelous!

That Was Hideously Un-Funny. Shame On You.