Size 1: Size 1 robots are the smallest robots you can get until nanobots, they usually just inhabit watches and tell people useless
information that they might want to know, sort of like a dictionary.

Size 2: These are little toy robots for kids, they also dispense useless information.

Size 3: Size 3 robots are the first robots that can actually be useful for something. They're about the size of a child, and are used mostly for
military conflicts and entertainment. Almost all size 3 robots are tiny metal samurai that are made to duel by their human overlords.

Size 4: These are just robots that size 5 robots pick on, sort of like short people and big people.

Size 5: The most useful and plentiful size robot, they usually have free will and jobs, just like most humans. Some size 5 robots are just
drones with no AI which are used to build cars and draw anime.

Size 6: Size 6 robots are about 10 feet tall, and are employed by the police and other law enforcement organizations for crowd control and
general intimidation. Most of them are pretty nice when you get to know them, though!

Size 7: Size 7 is restricted ONLY for the use of unusually large evil talking vending machines.

Size 8: Size 8 robots usually work construction, or are wandering hobo robots that eat trashcans for fun and profit.

Size 9: This is the first size that employs the use of large iron spikes for protection and assult purposes... they usually join gangs and
rob liquor stores, even though they don't need money or booze.

Sizes 10-13: Exactly the same as size 9, only with increasing amounts of scary metal spikes, only they work for people instead of just joining
a gang.

Sizes 14-20: Since it's really hard to get around cities and stuff if you get any bigger than size 13, sizes 14-20 become as large as cities themselves.
Originally used as gigantic war machines, they caused massive destruction using their hulk-sized weapons and shoes. Lately, though, most wars
are fought using size 3 robots, so 14-20s have been used as oversized, nuclear-bomb withstanding apartments.

Size 21: Size 21 robots are restricted to planet-eating class evil robots.

That was lame.